Milton Bradley is a Little Bitch


So a couple days ago the Chicago Cubs kicked this whiney little fucker off the team for basically taking a big metaphorical shit on the franchise and the city of Chicago.  Obviously this had to piss Milton off, and I was waiting on the edge of my seat for his inevitable explosion.  What does he do instead??  He sends his mother out to do his trash talking for him.  Not only does Milton hide behind his mother, his own mother tries to blame Milton’s bad attitude on racism against his 3 year old. 

Saying “When racism hit his 3-year-old baby in school, he couldn’t take that,” Rector (Milton’s Mom) said in a radio interview earlier this week, according to the Sun-Times. “Parents, teachers and their kids called him the n-word. He didn’t even know it was a bad word until his mom told him.”

When asked why her son shared the information only with her this season, Rector said, “Milton is a quiet person. Stuff like that, he keeps to himself. He doesn’t want to talk about that because he doesn’t think anybody cares. It is a heartbreaking situation.”

Really?? Parents and teachers were calling a 3 year old the nword??  Where did little milton go to school? Mississippi circa 1955??  They really want us to believe these evil Chicago racist parents were spouting hate speech at a 3 year old?? HA ZERO CHANCE!  I can understand playing the race card to try and gain sympathy, hell in most cases it works, but this is just insane…no parent or teacher said that shit to his kid, it didn’t fucking happen.  You know how I know??  Cuz the kid is 3! Even lifelong KKK members don’t start their hating until a black kid gets to be at least 5…sorry Milton and momma Milton I aint buying your horseshit story.  Truth is Milton Bradley is a shitty human being and baseball player and the Cubs got sick of his act, but way to keep it classy and bring a 3 year old into this…kinda proves the Cubs point.


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