How is Michael Moore Still Making Movies??


How has this man not died of a heart attack yet?? Honestly it’s a medical miracle.  He is pissed off all the time, is fatter than Artie Lange, how has his heart not exploded in his chest?  In any case this friday is the opening of Moore’s latest anti-american “documentary” entitled Capitalism: A Love Story.  Can’t you just see him giggling with excitement when he first thought of that gem of a title?  In this film Moore goes after Wall Street fat cats and corporate executives.  While part of me wants to say fuck the executives and back this film, the smarter more logical side of me knows that Michael Moore has alterior motives and isn’t doing this for “the little guy.”  The dude is all about making money…he goes after our economic system yet is using it to profit with this film…hopefully he’ll choke to death on his Mcdonald’s corporation cheese burger and we won’t have to endure anymore of his celluloid self-satisfaction.


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