Asshole of the Day…Kate Gosselin



Fuck this bitch.  Honestly, fuck her, and not because she is an attention seeking sympathy craving lunatic.  Fuck her for even making me aware of her existence.  I can’t turn on the tv these days without some entertainment “expert” going on and on about how much of a victim this chick is…
Ok I am in no way a watcher of that “Jon and Kate plus 8” abortion of a television show, but I have seen snippets…and that’s all I needed to see in order to be able to say that there is a good chance this chick is the devil.  I mean literally 90% sure she has an alter somewhere in her house where she sacrafices bunnies and shit to appease some dark forces…So when I see her going out on some wo-is-me tour across the country I have to put my foot down.  You don’t see Jon going on The View to trash this chick do you??  No he’s out using his fake fame to get laid…good for you Jon my boy good for you.  While Jon is out living it up Kate is making the rounds drumming up sympathy and promoting herself.  Claiming this and that and basically throwing Jon under any bus she can find, and that’s ok if her point had any merit. 

I’m sorry but I can promise it wasn’t Jon’s idea to pump you full of fertility drugs in order to have a litter of kids.  You wanted him to cheat, or else you wouldn’t have shot for the record books…no man is going to stay with you when you have 8 kids, men can barely handle one…so don’t pull the victim card when you are getting exactly what you wanted in the first place, using your kids to get famous…fuck you Kate Gosselin…asshole of the day


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